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To create a brand your audience needs to know your tone of voice and your behaviour. You’ll need values and a personality. When you have these then you can start to create a brand identity and all the collateral that effectively communicates your own distinctive brand. 
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Be it a damn fine business card that you hand to a prospective customer or a beautifully executed brochure. A well considered piece of print gives your customers something they can see, feel and talk about. Something that reflects your brand, cuts through the clutter and get you noticed.
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The aim of any business is to engage customers to their product or service. You need to target customers with an effective advertising campaign that stands out from the crowd, delivers your message and helps your brand achieve results.
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Combine a strong idea and easy to navigate website, email or app and you've an engaging channel to deliver your message. You'll create a memorable, relevant online experience for both existing and new relationships.
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It's easy right? You create some amazing packaging that the customer loves. Something that reflects the brand, stands out on the shelf and has loads of shelf life. Dead easy. The Bostik Art range packaging works as well today as it did when it was first designed.
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Today's lesson... direct mail. There are two key considerations - who you target and what you send them. Target your message towards those most likely to respond to avoid wastage and increase response rates. Remember, your hottest prospects are your existing customers. Class dismissed.
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